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Double Trouble 10k March 2024

Thanks to all who supported todays Double Trouble event . We had a number of no Shows and will move the date to avoid Easter next year . If you have ran this event and want to suggest a time of year to run this event let me know or many be single entry 10k in summer ?.

The results are below , The course record was smashed by Andy Holbrook & James Nettleton with Matteo & Tesco Roma missing out by a few seconds.

First Ladies home Katie Holbrook & Chloe Nettleton missing out on the course PB set by Lorna Spalding & Anna Warner who finished 2nd this year.The mixed pair course record was broken this year by Danny Uscroft Moulds & Lucy Crawford.

There 100s of Photo's out and about on the course and you all look as if you had a great time ,we have some video footage which will be uploaded later in the week.

So final thanks to all who ran , all who helped and the land Owners who gave their kind permission .

The results can be found at the end of the photo gallery.


START FINISH Photos taken as aways by our own Tony Haley